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17-year-old Anique is a young musical multi-talent. With her clear and warm voice she touches the hearts of her listeners. She plays the violin, piano and guitar and has already written quite a few songs. In addition, she started producing in order to develop musically in that area as well. In 2021 Anique was noticed by Ilse DeLange and she is now signed to her record label, Spark Records.


Her debut single “There with you” is a pop song that is fitting for Anique's phase of life. A phase in which you are at the beginning of many new adventures and experiences, which can effect your friendships.

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Date: Saturday 26th of August
Time: From 14:00 To 15:30
Location: Doorbraak 4, Grou


Instore Maddy Moreah

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Date: Saturday 12th of August
Time: From 14:00 To 15:00
Location: Doorbraak 4, Grou


Maddy Moreah is an Amsterdam-based singer-songwriter who started making music at the age of 12. She studied at the music school of the ROC PACT. After graduating as a singer, Maddy decided to write her own songs.

She soon succeeded in playing on various stages. In 2019 she traveled throughout the Netherlands with the famous music festival the Popronde and also stood at a number of summer festivals. She also played as a support act for Cory Henry,  Jeangu Macrooy and Soccer mommy. In 2021 she worked hard on her debut EP that she released in May,  at the Bitterzoet in Amsterdam. 

Instore Marit Nygård

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Date: Saturday 15th of July
Time: From 14:00 To 16:00
Location: Doorbraak 4, Grou


Marit Nygård (2002) writes about what goes on in her head, and the outcome are sad, soft, honest, happy and angry songs. She herself calls them "diary-like", and if you listen carefully, you will get a glimpse into the life of a student who struggled through quarantine, love, growing up and sometimes doubting everything.


"Music has been my passion all my life. When I was six I started playing the flute and I started singing when I was eight". She now accompanies herself on the guitar and sometimes on the piano. "I'm planning to learn the violin, but that will be a project," she laughs.

Please Note: Our store location in Grou is closed between 25 feb - 3 apr.
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